No one could see my despair nor hear my cry for help. I was lost in my pain and no longer could see a reason to live. But then you, Marie, appeared from nowhere to give me hope. You listened and comforted me. You show me the way to get me out of my misery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ann N.

Marie, do you remember how your gentil smile caught my eyes at the airport? Do you remember how strangely we ended up next to each other in the airplane? I certainly do, as you have changed my life that day. I can never thank you enough for being there for me in my darkest moment. Today, I have realized that our miraculous encounter was the starting point of my healing. I want you to know I am doing great and my marriage is strong again. One last thing, contrary to what you think, you are an angel who can fly!

Agnes D.

Marie is a remarkably talented and powerful leader in the health and lifestyle industry.

Andrew Flach

Thank you for the wonderful healthy meals. Not only you got us healthy but you helped us saved our marriage. We can never thank you enough!

Steve and Tina F.

Thank you for speaking at our Multiple Sclerosis group. The girls enjoyed your talk and starting to look at food and lifestyle in a healthier way.

Tabitha E.

You carried me through my crushing pain, my devastation, my horrific tragedy and you were so readily available to talk to me on the phone, if I needed to when I was having my panic attacks. You are truly an inspiration. You have to a point saved my life and when I am 90 years old, I will still be talking about you and all you taught me. I know you can teach me so much more. Your wisdom is present in every sentence in your writings. All I can say is that I am very lucky that our paths crossed. I know it was not coincidence but God connecting us for an amazing purpose which was to save my life!

Rhina P.

Marie, you represent the best -- Those who know the real connections and what they mean to our inner spirits. Wishing you and your beloved a wonderful waltz through the rest of this lifetime and in the dimension of the universe.

Fifi Chao